A large range of remedial techniques is available to address any identified contamination issues at a particular site. Merebrook has long experience working with all established remediation methods but also has contributed to and cooperated on many innovative techniques in the UK. Being independent of any remediation contractor, we are able to offer impartial advice on the selection of suitable techniques.

In addition it is considered that when clients instruct work on land remediation it is vital that expert advice is available to ensure that appropriate targets are clearly defined and that they are demonstrably met. Merebrook recognises the importance of procuring remedial works using suitable contracts and has long experience in the preparation and administration of these.


Case Studies


  • Site investigation
  • Waste management
  • Environmental planning support services
  • Contract preparation
  • Waste minimisation
  • Process/effluent treatment design
  • Tender preparation
  • Waste disposal engineering
  • Waste licensing and exemption applications
  • Contract management
  • Sustainability consultancy
  • Industrial process construction supervision
  • Effluent compliance studies
  • Industrial process and effluent feasibility assessment