Elton Glass Factory, Cheshire

Encirc Ltd

Encirc’s Elton plant opened in 2005 and consists of a fully integrated plant which manufactures, fills, stores and distributes glass to the food and drinks industry.

It is Encirc’s intention to introduce an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) unit to recover heat from the glass furnace exhaust gases prior to discharge to atmosphere. The heat from the exhaust gases will be used to generate electricity which will then be fed back into the facility to improve energy efficiency.

The ORC unit will lower the temperature (and therefore volume flow rate) of exhaust gases at the point of discharge to atmosphere compared to the current situation.

We were commissioned by Encirc to undertake dispersion modelling to examine the impact on plume dispersion resulting from the introduction of the ORC technology and the resulting impact on local air quality.

  • Dispersion modelling of emissions from glass furnaces using ADMS 5
  • Assessment of impacts on human and ecological receptors in the vicinity
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