IDOM Group

Philosophy & Culture

IDOM is an organisation of highly qualified professionals with excellent personal attributes, with a strong sense of union who work within a framework of respect for their professional identity and freedom. The people who work in IDOM act with total autonomy and responsibility within the framework of the Group according to ethical principles, common sense and goodwill.

IDOM is an Association of Professionals grouped within a firm of consultants; linked through their work and the ownership of the Firm, we cooperate in order to develop professionally and individually and to offer the best possible service to our Clients.

IDOM’s fundamental asset is the worth and experience of its employees. Trusting in the capacity of autonomous individuals, the company works to promote, facilitate and assess:

  • the delivery of a quality service
  • the professional development of its staff
  • the contribution of solutions and initiatives

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Modern Slavery Statement

Privacy Policy 2018

To sum up, IDOM’s style implies that:

We must see the Client’s viewpoint, by considering his problems as if they were our own.
We must take the Client’s objectives as our own and determine their requirements beyond
what is strictly required.
We are particularly careful in the monitoring and control of completion dates and budgets.
We concern ourselves with the implications that a delay in the work might have on
the Client’s production.
We design things economically, keeping costs to a minimum.
We share with the Client any issues which could help them avoid a problem, whether it is relevant to the project or not.