How we do it

CONFIDENCE – Our objective, above all, is to resolve the problems that concern our clients most, understanding their needs and doing everything possible to meet them. We understand that the optimum service is achieved through a trusting relationship with the client built on solid technical knowledge.

PROGRESS – We are at the forefront of technological advances and practices, continually incorporating new professionals and services. The strength of our values allows us to continuously adapt to changing reality.

THE PROJECT – We have different geographical and functional technical units, co-operating with each other to ensure excellent customer service. The project is the core of our business. Each project is resourced with the individuals in the company best capable of ensuring success. In this way, each project has the benefit of the technical expertise of the whole company.

PARTNERSHIP – Idom is an employee-owned association of professionals with a culture of engagement and collaboration. We have more than 600 partners participating in the ownership of the company.