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Article courtesy of Transport News: Air Transport Awards 2017

IDOM provide a number of services to the aviation community, including master planning, feasibility studies and the design of aviation infrastructure and operation, where they are involved from the earliest stages of a project until the detailed design stage required during construction.

We spoke to Elena Varillas, Strategic Technical Director for IDOM in UK and Ireland, to find out more about the firm’s service offering. Although IDOM celebrates its 60th year in 2017, Elena is keen to point out that the firm is far from retirement, having just welcomed in a new era with the election of a new President.

“We have professionals that have been working for and at airport operators for a number of years, and this has allowed IDOM to build a very specific understanding of all of our stakeholder’s requirements. Our focus always remains on our clients as we are driven by their needs, working to resolve their questions efficiently and effectively. This focus allows us to work with a wide range of clients, both public and private, of all sizes, from a wide range of industries and sectors in several locations around the world.

“In order to manage our client base effectively, we maintain offices around the world, and to date, we have offices in some 34 countries, with others in the pipeline. We operate numerous business units, covering the main areas of engineering, architecture and consulting. IDOM has experienced significant growth in the last decade, despite the economic downturn, and we are noting that the scale of the projects that we are undertaking has also evolved, and we are now developing bigger sections of mega projects for larger client organisations.

“IDOM started to provide aviation services in the nineties, with a development project for a Spanish regional airport. Since then our flexibility in solving client concerns worldwide has allowed us to provide a wide range of services, adapting to specific requirements in each case. We recognise that the aviation market has changed from demanding the traditional services of engineering and construction – as there was a combination of the need for new airport buildings or significant expansions demanding more sophisticated services, where the investments are much more carefully studied along the whole life of the airport.

“Our services always consider the internal efficiency of the works, with the simulation and modeling technologies we use acting as one of the key factors for our success in this field. In tandem, IDOM’s designs always consider the solutions applicable in the designs, including a feasible introduction of sustainability and reduction of energy consumption footprint. Innovation is also important in our organization; IDOM is now participating in a new company, developing iSIM cameras for microsatellites. IDOM maintains its independent position with respect to construction companies, equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers, and financial institutions. Our only interest is in serving the needs of our clients.”

IDOM has a presence in most of the regulatory organisations where they develop their services. One of the key organisations in their operational space is COIAE (Spanish Chartered Aeronautical Engineers College) in Spain, whose main objective is the safe and efficient development of aviation; this body is consulted on a constant basis for Spanish and European regulation development. In the UK, the firm is part of the British Aviation Group (BAG) which allows them to be aware of all the regulatory changes in the industry, as well as sharing new techniques with the most relevant aviation firms operating in the UK.

“Over the years, we have defined our own philosophy and established a set of values which are understood by all at our firm and form the basis of all our dealings in the global market. The project teams we assemble are multidisciplinary in nature, delivering global solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. This is possible because of our shared work practices that transcend geographical barriers to deliver the best possible service to the client. Our philosophy is to work in close proximity to the client, however, all our professionals have the support of back office staff from our main headquarters, alongside expert specialists and local knowledge from our many offices.”

Elena is excited about the future of IDOM, as they look to enter into a new era with their new president.

“With the change of presidency and a new top management team, we are going to build on the solid foundation stones we have already laid. We are now an established innovative, global, independent firm which is committed to its clients and its staff. Our goal is to transform IDOM, from a company that exports services to a truly multinational company with larger and numerous offices, and a greater physical presence in the main markets of the world. From the design of a combined cycle power plant to the provision of consulting services, to combatting climate change or the redesign of airport facilities, the services we offer today differ from those we offered five years ago, and we are already diversifying and adapting our products to an ever-changing and more dynamic world. In the UK and Ireland aviation market, we have consolidated our position by being present in some of the major airports, for example, Heathrow, London Luton, and Dublin Airport.”

This article courtesy of Transport News: Air Transport Awards 2017:

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