Working for Idom

IDOM – Involvement, Opportunity, Identity

Every career, like every mountain, has many routes to the summit, and at IDOM, we believe that we have one of the most rewarding, speedy and scenic routes available.

INVOLVEMENT – All senior managers and executives, from the President in our Spanish parent company through to our MD, operate a genuine open door policy. They encourage openness, approachability, and dialogue across their organisation, strongly believing that it benefits both the business and its staff.

In the UK, this is typified by our running a host of regular and frequent semi-formal and informal engagement events, at which we all discuss what really matters to employees and the business in a free, frank way.

At IDOM, from the moment you start, your opinion and your input are valued and considered on a daily basis. You have access to decision makers, giving you the opportunity to make a genuine difference from the first day of your employment with us; true involvement.

OPPORTUNITY – Our global strategy feeds directly into both our UK Strategic Planning and departmental/personal planning in a streamlined and transparent way, providing excellent staff engagement and offering opportunities to ‘fast-track’ career progression.

IDENTITY – More than 30% of our staff are partners, with a vested interest in running the firm as an “association of professionals” for the betterment of all. Partners are encouraged to express their individuality through the development of the business in new ways, new markets, or new services. People with initiative, individuality, and drive do well and if you have a good idea you will be positively encouraged to run with it.

To apply for any of the opportunities, take a look at our Current Vacancies and please send a cover letter and CV to or by post to;

Helen Saunders, IDOM, Cromford Mills, Mill Lane, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3RQ.