Redevelopment of Standard Wharf

Merebrook has been appointed by Standard Wharf Ltd for the re-development of Standard Wharf, on the River Thames at Erith in Bexley, a favoured anchorage site on the Thames since Saxon times.

The Port of London Authority (PLA) manages 95 miles of the tidal Thames, including the area of Standard Wharf and works to keep commercial and leisure users safe, protect and enhance the environment and promote the use of the river for both trade and travel.

Standard Wharf is a commercial jetty and at the heart of Erith’s industrial heritage, today it is an operational wharf used to store and transport goods to and from locations both within the capital and overseas.

The wharf has been granted special status as a ‘Safeguarded Wharf’ by the Mayor of London and PLA to ensure it is retained as a working maritime site, ultimately protecting it from any redevelopment of non-port use.

Our environmental and engineering teams will be working in partnership with a diverse network of organisations to deliver the project including the Environment Agency, the Marine Management Organisation, the PLA, and Natural England.

The combined efforts will both maximize the site’s commercial potential while minimizing any impact on the surrounding natural environment, including nearby salt marshes and aquatic life.

Our scope of work involves specifically designing the wharf to accommodate 3500-Ton vessels quayside and facilitate loading and offloading cargo. The project will entail overseeing the licensing and development of a new wharf to expand the existing facilities and allow vessels with a draft of 4.5m to use the dock.

Nigel Huish commented;

“It’s great to have started this new port project and be involved in the redevelopment of a historic maritime trading site, which will be a massive boost to commercial operations on this part of the Thames Estuary.

It is a complex project; this is a busy stretch of water near to Erith Yacht club and close to several other moorings. It is also only two kilometres from the salt marshes, which are a haven for wildlife.

This presents many considerations including navigational safety, the scale of the dredging project, environmental impact all of which need to be mitigated by our team before planning is granted.
Additionally, as a ‘Safeguarded Wharf’, all planning is assessed with strict criteria by the Mayor of London’s Office. We look forward to the challenges ahead and helping to redevelop this site to its former maritime glory. We expect planning to be completed by the end of the year.”