STEM: Reaching out to a wider audience

This year we implemented a programme to extend our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) activities to get the message out to a wider audience. This has had two strands: one aimed specifically at female students and another at students in ethnically diverse areas.

We have increased the percentage of women STEM Ambassadors from 50% to 60% and these have been going to schools talking specifically to girls about their careers and what it’s like working in engineering and construction. For one school in Birmingham, after our visit, we produced a video which was incorporated into a school film. One of our Ambassadors has been a mentor for a group of girls on the Wrexham Prison construction project for Lendlease.

We have also joined an initiative organised by Derby City Council, E4E, (Enterprise for Education). The aim is to create a better understanding amongst school students of career opportunities in the City (heavily biased towards engineering as Derby is), to raise students’ aspirations, to improve their employability and to develop a better pool of talent in the city.

This is achieved by participation in various workshops with the students including CV writing, mock-interviews and mentoring. Our MD has led the way for us in this and has targeted particularly schools in the more ethnically diverse areas of the city in order to get the message out to a more diverse audience.