Napier Park, Luton

Blu 3

Idom Merebrook assisted the client in preparing a major strategic 14 hectare site for mixed-use development. The site was part of the former Vauxhall Motors factory and had been in use for vehicle manufacture from 1905.

Assistance was first given at tender stage when it was noted that earlier investigations had omitted to consider the presence of asbestos.

Detailed investigations were carried out to fill the data gap and this allowed our client to confirm its bid to reprofile and remediate the site prior to development by means of a 126,000 m3 cut and fill exercise.

  • Carried out a detailed investigation to identify location and quantum of asbestos contaminated strata
  • Prepared a Materials Management Plan and earthworks strategy to minimize risk to future site users from asbestos impacted soils
  • Carried out role of Project Environmental Engineer
  • Undertook boundary PM10, noise and vibration monitoring
  • Managed removal of asbestos products from the site
  • Produced geotechnical specifications
  • Directed the earthworks including full-time site supervision
  • Designed validation strategy
  • Prepared validation reports on the conclusion of works.
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