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Contaminated Land

Land affected by contamination covers a spectrum of conditions varying from sites which satisfy the statutory definition of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act to sites proposed for redevelopment through the Town and Country Planning system which are affected by anthropogenic contamination. Land contamination assessment is vital in our densely populated country as we live alongside the inevitable consequences of our industrial civilization. Even greenfield sites can be affected where the natural geology may be the source of “contamination”.

Our land contamination assessments are tailored to the client’s needs, whether this be:
• determination (or otherwise) of Part 2A contaminated land,
• pre-acquisition due diligence to identify land contamination risks and liabilities,
• supporting planning applications to demonstrate how a scheme can be delivered as safe and suitable for its intended use,
• supporting detailed design; or
• compliance with environmental regulations.

IDOM Merebrook aim to deliver the right level of information for your purposes.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team apply government technical guidance on land contamination assessment combined with an in depth understanding of industry guidance and risk assessment tools to deliver robust risk assessments and pragmatic remedial solutions.

Our services include:
• Pre-acquisition and land quality audit
• Remediation validation
• Contract preparation
• Feasibility study for reclamation of land
• Remediation supervision
• Sustainability consultancy
• Project management and budget control
• Contract management
• Hazard identification
• Reclamation project planning
• Site remediation design
• Preliminary contamination risk assessment
• Generic quantitative risk assessment
• Landfill gas generation modelling
• Detailed quantitative risk assessment
• Hazardous gas investigation
• Environmental monitoring and control
• Noise and vibration monitoring
• Groundwater modelling
• Groundwater – abstraction and discharge licensing
• Environmental impact assessment
• Environmental planning support services
• Hydrogeological assessment and investigation
• Geo-environmental and geotechnical assessment

Contaminated Land

Site Investigation

Site investigation

Site investigation is a phased process which starts with a comprehensive desk study and site walkover inspection.  A robust desk study enables us to identify the relevant contamination issues so that intrusive investigation efforts are efficiently targeted where they are genuinely necessary.

We are experienced in selecting the right intrusive investigation methods to deliver data on land quality in the context of widely varying site constraints.  Our teams use a variety of methods such as trial pitting, windowless sampling, cable percussive boreholes, rotary boreholes, sonic drilling etc. to understand land condition.  We recognise the importance of seeing ground conditions first hand and use our own experienced site staff to supervise investigations.  This means that we can react quickly to site conditions and our understanding of land quality develops in real-time.

Our team has a strong track record of dealing with land contamination issues from complex sites including former town gasworks, industrial facilities, asbestos sites and landfills at one end of the scale to greenfield sites with naturally elevated heavy metals at the other.  We understand the range of contaminants that can affect land in soil, gaseous / vapour form and dissolved in ground and surface waters.

IDOM Merebrook always advise on the optimum level of investigation effort for a site.  An inadequate site investigation inevitably leads to overly precautionary and costly remedial solutions.  We aim to support our clients through the site investigation process to identify efficient and pragmatic solutions.

Risk Assessment

The correlation between the presence of contamination on or under land and the actual possibility that harm could occur to people, animals or ecosystems is complex. In order to make an appraisal of the link between these two, it is necessary and appropriate to undertake a formal assessment of risks. This takes the form of robust assessment of the physical factors describing the system but must also always be backed up by some elements of subjective judgment and estimation.

IDOM Merebrook undertakes qualitative and quantitative assessments of the risks associated with land, water and gas / vapour contamination. We cover human health risk assessment, controlled waters risk assessment and ground gas / vapour risk assessment. Bespoke models can be created for particular projects or situations for which published acceptance criteria are considered inappropriate.



A large range of remedial techniques is available to address any identified contamination issues at a particular site. IDOM Merebrook has long experience working with all established remediation methods but also has contributed to and cooperated on many innovative techniques in the UK. Being independent of any remediation contractor, we are able to offer impartial advice on the selection of suitable techniques.

In addition, it is considered that when clients instruct work on land remediation, it is vital that expert advice is available to ensure that appropriate targets are clearly defined and that they are demonstrably met. IDOM Merebrook recognises the importance of procuring remedial works using suitable contracts and has long experience in the preparation and administration of these.